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Pond Sales & Installation

How long does a pond take to build?

Where do I begin when deciding on a koi pond installation?

Why is a koi pond built with liner a better choice than concrete?

Are koi ponds affordable? What is the cost of koi pond construction?

What goes into the cost of a Pond Country-built water feature?

Is the total cost of the project due before work begins?

Will my yard be damaged during the installation?

What are the benefits of a Pond Country-built water feature?

Do you build every pond with the same look & design?

Do you provide landscaping around the pond?

My existing pond doesn’t work well. Is a renovation right for me?

I want my existing pond rebuilt. Does a renovation cost less?

After Install | New Pond Ownership

How does my Pond Country water feature work?

What can I expect with my new pond?

Which filters should I clean?

How many fish can I have?

How do I protect my fish from predators?

Do I need plants?

How many gallons are in my pond?

What services do you offer for my new pond?

Will my pond attract mosquitos?

Service & Repair

How hard is it to find a leak in a pond?

Why do I need a pond cleanout?

Why do I continue to have algae issues (string or green water)?

Why is filtration so important?

Why do I need marginal aquatic plants and lilies?

Why is Pond Country the best choice for services?

How do we signup for services with Pond  Country?

Retail Store

How do I know which pump I need and why?

Why should I buy a DIY water feature kit from Pond Country?

Why is Pond Country the best choice to get my pond supplies?

How do I get rid of green water?

How do I get rid of the green slime (string algae) on my waterfall?

Why are marginal plants so important to have in a pond?

Does my pond need any treatments to keep it clear?

How do I transport fish from your store to my home?

How do I keep a heron away from my pond?

How do I get rid of frogs?

Do you sell preformed plastic pond liner tubs?

Do you sell rubber liner for ponds?

Where are you located? Can I order online?

What is V.I.Pond and V.I.Pond Star?

Koi & Goldfish

How many fish can I have in my pond?

Do fish get along? Will they try to eat each other?

Can I put bass, grass carp, catfish, etc in my pond?

How do I transport fish from your store to my home?

What treatments should I keep handy for my fish?

How do I determine if a fish is male or female?

Will my fish have babies?

My pond has foam in it? What’s going on?

Is it true that koi will grow to the size of their pond?

What happens to my fish in winter? Do I feed them? Are they safe?

Why is premium fish food so important?

Aquatic Plants

What is a Marginal Aquatic Plant?

I have a water lily in my pond. Thats enough plants, right?

I have some floating plants in my pond?  Is that enough?

Why is it important to thin my plants out?

Do I need to fertilize my aquatic plants?

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