Upgrade the entrance to your home by adding a decorative fountain near the front door or install one in the garden near your deck or patio. We can transform any area into a natural relaxing escape.

Limited on space? Fountains are great for smaller areas. Pond Country can design & build you the outdoor centerpiece of your dreams.

Every fountain we build utilizes genuine Aquascape® parts. Every feature is designed with either an AquaBasin® or AquaBlox® reservoir system that allows for optimal storage for re-circulating water

You can choose from Aquascape® brand fountain toppers to a wide assortment of fountainscapes by Blue Thumb.

The AquaBasin®

Perfect for small spaces

An AquaBasin®-based water re-circulating fountain is the great for those limited-space areas like townhomes or an inside corner. An AquaBasin® fountain takes up very little area, provides clean water for birds & butterflies, visual enjoyment, plus the soothing sound of cascading water.

An AquaBasin® 45 can accommodate any one small-sized fountain topper. Choose from designs like an urn, curved wall, or small stone combo. These fountainscapes are great for a weekend DIY project or our master-certified water feature service professionals can install one in a day. Features include:

  • 98 gallon (approx.) storage capacity
  • 4,000gph maximum water flow rate
  • 1,500 lb weight capacity
  • Lifetime warranty

The AquaBlox®

Great for wow factor

Looking for something to completely transform your outdoor living space into your own personal relaxing staycation getaway? Our larger AquaBlox® water features bring the tranquil sound of water without a pond.

Aquascape AquaBlox┬« water storage modules provide an efficient way to maximize capacity in fountain reservoirs. They allow for 3 times more water storage than a gravel filled basin which means less time spent “topping off” the water reservoir.

AquaBlox┬« are installed with maximized, optimal water flow from drilling the features for larger fittings and higher flow pumps. The extra capacity and expanded base allows for a more dramatic display of cascading water, truly bringing that “wow factor” to your backyard.

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