Care, Service, & Repair


Have a pond and wondering if it’s running to its full potential? PondFacts is the answer. Our PondFacts consultation service helps you understand your pond with a comprehensive detailed report.

Pondđź’™Love Plan

Enjoy the peace of mind of having a clear, beautiful working pond all year long. Our exclusive Pondđź–¤Love Care Plans offer semi-monthly to monthly pond checkup visits by our master-certified pond technicians.

Annual Pond Cleanout

A pond cleanout may be necessary to maintain a clear, healthy pond for each year. Our cleaning service removes muck & waste build-up to create a happy atmosphere for your fish & plants to thrive.

Spring StartUp

This is a “lite” version of our full-service pond cleanout offering. Best for ponds that don’t need a full ecosystem reset, but just need some tidying up before the warm outdoor season begins.

Summer SpruceUp

This summer season service is a great way to give your pond a mid-year checkup to make sure it’s clear and that your fish are happy & healthy. We cut back plant overgrowth, apply treatments, etc.

Fall & Winter Prep

Our Fall & Winter Prep services helps prepare your pond’s ecosystem for the dormant colder season. We perform many services including installing a net on your pond to protect it from leaves & debris.

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Clean & Prep Loyalty

We offer Clean & Prep service bundles that including both an annual cleanout and one prep service (choose your season). Receive a special discount for each year you renew your Clean & Prep service.

Pond Renovation

Have an aging pond or water feature that just isn’t running optimally like it should be? Stuck with a barely functional pond? We can help rejuvenate your existing pond with a complete, updated makeover.

Repair & Diagnostics

Ecosystem ponds are generally low-maintenance, but like any product with electrical parts, things can unexpectedly fail. We are here to help with any equipment, faulty construction, or leak repairs.

Request Service

Getting assistance with your pond is quick and easy. Simply start by clicking the button below to fill out an online form that goes directly to our service manager who will contact you to discuss your needs.

Pond Care & Services Overview