Is your pond running to its full potential?
Move into a new home with a pond?

PondFacts is the answer you’re looking for.

Every PondFacts consultation gives you a complete, comprehensive, & detailed report plus recommendations for a creating a low-maintenance water feature. You will receive the report emailed to you in an easy-to-read PDF.

PondFacts is great for customers who have bought a new home that already has a pond. Most of the time, these customers haven’t been given any details or specifications about the pond from the previous homeowner. We want you to enjoy your new pond and fish as they are great additions to any home and adds considerable value to your yard.

Do you have a water feature that’s older or built by someone who you can’t seem to contact anymore? PondFacts is the best way to get a complete diagnosis of your pond’s current condition and receive a full report so that you have the knowledge to make sound decisions about your pond’s performance.

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