The Science of Serenity

Science has proven the mental and physical benefits of not only the sound, but presence of water in our lives.

Waterfalls generate negative ions which increase the flow of oxygen, which improves alertness and mental energy. The rhythm of “white noise” from the sounds of water affect our brain waves, encouraging a more peaceful pace of thought and deep meditation. It’s hugely beneficial for those days when you’ve dealt with the daily stress of work & traffic.

The natural beauty of a pond, its colorful fish, floral blooms, and accompanied waterfall create a sense of awe that leads to greater life satisfaction.

Pond Country is the industry leader in building these backyard escapes. Check out below all of the different water features we can design & build to help you achieve the serenity in your life that you deserve.

Paradise on any budget

We have a large variety of water features from fountains to natural swimming ponds to fit any level of budget and space.

We make owning a water feature such as an ecosystem koi pond or pondless Infinity Waterfall affordable with competitive, easy-to-understand, upfront pricing. We even offer special financing deals if you wish to pay for your pond in low, convenient monthly payments.

We won’t surprise you like other contractors do with hidden costs or “mysterious” estimate pricing methods. All of our prices include design & installation. We do offer pond add-ons like lighting, streams, and more. Pond Country is one of the leading water feature builders for commercial projects too.

Our water features start at $6,495 for Infinity Waterfalls, $8,995 for a koi pond package, and massive swimming pond and commercial projects in the $100K+ range.

Custom designed and built for YOU!

Koi Ponds

Our koi ponds feature a natural ecosystem that allows you to enjoy your pond all year long. We offer several up-front priced pond choices based upon the size you’re looking for. Each pond is tailored for each customer for a unique backyard.

Pricing starts at $8,995

Pondless elegance with sight & sound of water

Infinity Waterfalls

Our Infinity Waterfalls are simply a re-circulating pondless waterfall and/or stream. Enjoy the sights and sounds of cascading water with virtually no maintenance. If space is lacking, an Infinity Waterfall is a great choice.

Pricing starts at $6,495

Add water relaxation to any space


Decorative water features like fountains and bubbling urns provide the therapeutic benefits of water to any outdoor living area. These features are great for limited spaces and perfect for a DIY project. We also offer professional installation of fountainscapes too.

Pond Country-installed pricing starts at $3,995
Retail DIY kit pricing varies depending on size and type.

Our retail manager can discuss pricing options.

Rethink the basic pool concept

Swimming Ponds

Natural swimming ponds (also referred to as a natural swimming pool) are an exciting, emerging new alternative to the traditional pool. They are eco-friendly, chemical-free, and stay clear all year long. We are the region’s largest builder of natural swimming ponds and have unmatched experience in designing the perfect natural pool for your home.

Pricing start at $125,000

Our sales manager can discuss pricing options.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Custom Projects

If you are looking for something even more unique and large-scale, Pond Country is your choice. From wetland filtration to vault systems, we are the leader in commercial & large-scale design & construction projects.

Our sales manager can discuss pricing options.

Looking to upgrade your existing water feature?


If you have an aging water feature or one that you discovered wasn’t necessarily built to run optimally, our pond renovations can completely transform your existing pond into a backyard centerpiece. Simply click below and submit us a photo of your pond and we can show you what we can do.

Our service manager can discuss pricing options.